Consultancy Services

We apply significant time and effort in developing a knowledge baseĀ 
that offers unique perspectives and insights to our clients’ needs

Nowadays, the real assets of successful organizations are not just measured or limited to the size of its financial capacities, but more important is the intellectual property these organizations harness & the existence of continuous human resources (HR) development plans. It is human capacities that make development and progress possible

The stream of developments we witness in our world today has imposed the need for speedy changes to keep up with these developments; training will remain the prime solution towards achieving an effective & successful development.

We offer training solutions that cover the following key knowledge areas:


General Management


Organizational Development






Financial & Accounts Management






Human Resources

Local Implant Training

This type of training involves the training of executives in their home country, using facilitators from top foreign institutions. Our partnerships with Ivy League institutions in USA, Europe & Asia enables us carry our this training effectively and successfully.

Foreign Customized Training

This type of training is conducted outside the country and the training program is usually customized to meet the needs of the organization.

Foreign Short Courses

This type of training is conducted outside the country. Executives are placed on suitable/relevant programs already scheduled by the institution of choice. On this type of training, executives will be joining participant from all over the world.

In-House Training

This training is usually conducted at a venue specified by the organization and facilitators could be either local or foreign. The training is specially customized to suit the needs of the organization.

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