Oil and Gas

Stay ahead in a dynamic environment

JJNP Resources is a leading consulting firm in the upstream and downstream supply chains of the Oil and Gas industry in West Africa. Our team of specialists are spread across the sub-region working with clients as stakeholders.

We serve key facets of the industry advising national oil companies and petrochemical producers, oil field service firms, independent commercial oil companies and sovereign wealth funds. Our local knowledge and global experience is the core our success in the sub-Saharan region.

JJNP’s offerings include industry focused services designed to conform to each client’s unique and dynamic needs. We strive to provide the energy industry with innovation, unparalleled services and strategic thinking. Our vision is to be accepted by our shareholders and clientele as the leading strategic partner in the market

We are proud of our international reputation for evaluating facilities and projects. Our expertise provides owners, financial institutions and potential shareholders with assurance that the highest level of professional standards and responsibility are applied to the projects we assess. This facilitates funding and increases investor confidence in financially committing to a project. JJNP also undertakes detailed risk and opportunity analyses to evaluate the impact on the project’s NPV (Net Present Value) and add value to the due diligence process.